Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dog-Eat-Dog World for Writers in the Digital Age

Not much movement today or yesterday. I'm maintaining my sales rank status (whatever that means) and I'm number 14 in Kindle Books (whatever that means).  I should be getting on the ball, connecting, linking, tweeting, blogging, facebooking...I'm getting tired already and the fight has just begun. Publication date was  June 2nd. That's only two weeks or so. I've sold 15 copies. I keep thinking that this is such a small number for such a big market. But, what can I do?  I know. I can dabble on the other side and see what some people really feel about  egotistical, narcissistic Indie authors.

This guy is tough as nails. But I'm not an Indie author so he's definitely not talking about me. : ) And a few of the comments are right on the mark (the ones that defend self-publishing). 

But in defense of self-pubbers,  I'll post some links that show true grit and real Ebook author success!

I'll stop there. But, oh, there are PLENTY more!  I'll end on that note.


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