Thursday, June 7, 2012

social media and publishing

I think I really need to spice up this blog. But, I'm not sure what or how to do it. It is, I fear, one of many many blogs and how do I draw people to it?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Okay, so I suppose I can talk about my book, my ebook, which is published on Amazon. The title is They Think That I Am Somewhat which is somewhat obscure but it's from a Tennyson poem and the last story in the collection. All the stories relate to autism related issues. I enjoyed writing the stories and am pleased to see that now they are in a collection and out there for others to enjoy.  I guess I should tweet my blog or FB it or some such thing. But, honestly, there is nothing to it, yet. Once it becomes a real BLOG with links and photos and followers and comments, well, then maybe.
IMO, I feel a book sells because it's good and people are attracted to the title, the premise, the plot. Blogging my book is going to get readers. But what do I know. I just think that even if I didn't have a twitter account or a blog, my book would still sell. Okay, now I'm ranting.


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