Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Agree to Disagree said the ePubber to the Agent

Interesting Finds:

I found a blog that reviews self-published authors. I stumbled upon it in some tangential manner I can't even articulate. Needless to say, I was appalled by the harsh critiques. The majority of her critiques were BAD. So, who cares, right? Well, it wouldn't matter so much except that this blogger is a renowned agent with many connections, clout, etc.


Hm. Why does she (said agent) want to review published authors (books must be POD), most of which are already successful (the ones I noticed) with more than two books under their belt and a fan base. So, then, maybe it's the self-publishing industry that's intolerable to her? And what's up with the authors? Maybe a stellar review from this agent will help secure a contract or sell more books? I don't know. I don't think I'd want to risk her scathing remarks. I'm too fragile. At any rate, I think there are more diplomatic ways to agree to disagree while preserving the dignity of the author, self-pubbed or not. The books must be good if they sell, right? I have lots of questions and it's clear I need to do my homework. I'm a naive when it comes to the industry.

Book update:

I just finished up a free promo; downloads totaled about 170 or so. Not too bad considering it's a specialty book. I was in the top ranking, lowest was 1,007. Wow! That's out of one million kindle books. But I decided to increase the price to $2.99. Now, it's stagnant and my sales ranking is in the 200, 000ish range. I wanted the 70 percent royalties with KDP. And if people want it, they can pay a few dollars. But, that's not to say that I won't return to the 0.99. I'll bide my time.


I'm working hard at completing the final chapters. It's taking longer because I always wind up in places I didn't expect. My tweaking and editing is endless.  I hope to have it edited and published within a month.

Thanks for the visit.


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