Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never Underestimate the Power of Honest Writing

In the spirit of summer, I've included an image of Hawk's Nest Beach in Old Lyme, where I spent my summers. Magnificent memories! 

Creating a blog is easy compared to the other part, getting someone to read it! I now have two blogs, well, three, but one just sits there. It is a blog for my book, but, honestly, there are a total of two postings. One describes the book, the second talks about a few edits and that's it. What else would I say about it? It's done, published, now what? Oh, I included my one review too. So that blog is on pause, for now. Maybe if the book becomes a best seller then I can post stellar 5 star reviews, signing dates...oh sure, in my dreams. But, seriously, I think it reflects poorly on the author who has a blog with no followers, nothing at all. The big L comes to mind.

So, I asked my twelve-year old, entrepreneur, computer geek, web designer, app creator extraordinaire how exactly one drums up attention. And his advice was that I needed to offer something to people, find out what they want and then provide it. Easier said than done. But I like that advice and it's stuck with me. And after writing this, now that I think about it, I always hope that my writing is honest and can offer someone something, some advice, some bit of real life they can understand and internalize. So, that's what I offer.

Also, pic is of Hawks Nest Beach in Old Lyme where we spent our summers. Magnificent memories. :cool:

Thanks for the visit.

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