Friday, June 8, 2012

Seeking that perfect blurb. I'm convinced it exists and so I've tweaked yet another book description and published the changes. Odd, I know. But I feel as if I may have done better with the original blurb. I added characters and excerpts from stories and it was too much. I suspect that if someone is seeking a book on autism, even if it is fiction, they want some facts too. So the blurb includes some statistics and references my favorite book entitled Unstrange Minds:  Remapping the World of Autism by Richard Roy Grinker, anthropologist at George Washington University. Great read. I highly recommend.

Updates on book:  it's steady now at top 140 or so in my genre which is autism and fiction category. Sales rank has fluctuated quite a bit from 38,000 to 160,000 out of one million kindles which I suppose isn't so bad. I would like to get to the 100's or even 1. So the idea is the lower the number the better.

Novella is coming along, Sins of Dom. I really think this ebook is going to do well. It's a powerful read (some parts are difficult to write). I am considering posting chapters on this blog. Still thinking about it. If I get some followers, maybe. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Blogging to the Dead, my YA novel is still being reviewed by excellent agent (he has full). I should be querying more agents, but I've been so busy with other projects, life etc.

Okay, hopefully I won't lose this post like I just did with the previous one!  UGH.

I would love to hear from someone. So, please feel free to comment. Share your ideas, musings, chapters, poetry, whatever you like.


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