Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twitter is a Sharing of Minds and Hearts

I like my twitter account. In fact, I like it so much, I worried that I was neglecting FB and friends and family members that don't have twitter accounts (believe it or not); but then, lo and behold, I realized I could connect the two. Now, whatever I tweet, goes to FB too. I like it because it's quick and I can tweet or retweet random musings, maxims, and interesting articles and keep abreast of news while connecting to like-minded writers, thinkers and artists. Today, for example, I had one of my random thoughts and it was related to childhood summers. I had an empty paper towel roll in my hand and held it up to my mouth, proclaiming my son's top score on Temple Run (impressive, actually, in the millions); and it got me thinking about when we were kids, hot days, downstairs, hanging out in our finished basement,, flipping over a table and imagining it was a house boat, etc. using a used paper towel roll for a telescope. Simple times. It makes me pine for easier days, when life was not so cluttered; I guess that's one of the reasons I love to read fiction and write it; I can return to the past, or imagine the future and create a scene, a setting, a character, and immerse myself in another realm; the language, too, evokes emotions like no other for me. My tweet today was so simply stated but to my delight it was retweeted, which means someone read it and related on some level. It is a reciprocal sharing of minds and hearts. That's what it's all about, really.
Continuing in the flavor of summer,  I spent my summers at Hawk's Nest Beach in Old Lyme and have fond memories. Well, I was seeking images to post and found this great video about Hawk's Nest Beach.  It's a mix of new and old photographs. Although these are not my family members,  it's a great summation of what Hawk's Nest Beach was like for me and so many other families.  

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