Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The utter horror of E-Book publishing

I just spent the last few days republishing a published book after finding some errors that could not be dismissed, and it's been absolute horror, utter horror.  Imagine it...the idea that your writing is out there, and people are purchasing it, and they are reading it, and they may, not for sure but there is a possibility, find a missing letter or comma or repeated word!!! UGH. I can't describe the feeling. So, I've republished the new edited version a couple of times (first time didn't take) and I think this one did. Time will tell.

I've concluded that the more times you tweak, the greater the chance for errors.

Now, for the positive points. You can do it. If and only IF you have a niche, and you are serious about your writing. But, you have to know that it's not a ticket to success. It's all about finding the right niche, writing and editing and writing and editing (repeatedly) and not putting all your eggs into one basket.You should have multiple projects. Also, you need support of other writers. I have the community forum on KDP and they are invaluable, and AQ (Agent Query forum) and, of course, my sister. She is my reader, editor, and I trust her completely. 

One more tip:  avoid the negative (there is plenty of it) and embrace the digital age. I pay attention to the successful authors. That's where I'm headed. The nay sayers are not my bag.

Okay, it's late. But I felt as if I was shirking my duties as a blogger so here it is, my third post (I think...maybe it's the fourth).  No daily link for today. Sorry, too tired.


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