Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wary of Posting Work in Progress

I almost created another blog. Then, I deleted it. It's my WIP, which is a novella, almost finished, but the fact remains--it's not done yet. I don't want to showcase it. First of all, why would I?  Secondly, if it does become a popular read, after I publish, people can find out what happens before it happens!  I've never been keen on work shopping my writing. At this stage of the game, I know what I want and my writing style is pretty much already established.  I don't see myself as an emerging writer (too old for that nonsense).  I do wonder how many people enjoy work shopping their work.  I hear it is invaluable.  I guess I'm too stubborn. And I feel like it would cause me to become indecisive. I don't want to lose my confidence.  So, my work remains a mystery until it's published. It is a novella, and I'm working on the last pieces, heading towards a conclusion. I decided it will be classified as a psychological thriller. I'm pretty sure I'll ePub it just because it's too short to attract an agent. But I haven't researched the novella markets yet. So, maybe I could give it a try.

That's all for now.


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