Sunday, November 18, 2012

Goodreads Review

Okay, so I received a review on a book, Blogging to the Dead, which I just stumbled upon. Unfortunately this book was rewritten with a new pov, new MC etc. and given a new title: A Portal to Leya.

It was a 3 star review, nothing too fantastic, but a lengthy critique. It's not one of my best works, honestly. It's out of my hands. I think I was excited about writing in a different kind of format (blog) etc. and the YA genre.

Autism Denied received two 4 star ratings, but no reviews on Goodreads. Nice.

I'm happy to see my works are on Goodreads and even Barnes & Noble. I'm still not sure how it all works, how these books get around, but it's fine with me. The more visibility, the better.

I'm excited about my new WIP-- The Slow Death of Habeas Corpus. I do hope the title works. I've been researching solar storms, nuclear shutdowns, important stuff I need to know. If I'm writing science fiction, I know that I'm up against some harsh critics who will be seeking incongruencies, discrepancies etc... no matter how infinitesimal.

If you've gotten this far, thank you. Let me know. : )

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