Monday, November 12, 2012

Indie Author Baiting Readers like Crabbing

Just sold a few copies of Murder at Pudden Hill Farm. Promo for The Sins of Dom is on for a couple more days and I've made the top best seller list at #86 in UK. Almost there for US. Sales ranking is at 1,700 ish. I know what I need--that burst of sales, one big burst to send it below 1000. Nice place to be for an Indie author seeking a platform, readers. That's where you get visibility. That's where your book moves, gets pinned, blogged, etc.

It's like crabbing. We spent our summers (six weeks) in one of the rainbow cottages-- 64W, Hawk's Nest Beach, Old Lyme. It was a simple life of reading, boating, hunting for sea glass, comic books, bon fires, lighting snakes, popping caps, chanting "We believe in Mary Worth" on the beach at night in an attempt to ressurrect Mary Worth. And, of course, crabbing on the jetty. I remember it vividly, waiting, watching the delicate pink flesh of a muscle tied to the end of a string sway back and forth as the tide moved in and out, in and out, beteeen the crevices of the rocks. It was the first one tht counted most; you'd feel the hesitation; and next, the tug. Then, another one, and then another. Pretty soon you'd have five crabs grabbing one line, a steady flow. It's not easy to do. Nothing good comes easy.

But, I am moving along, feeling the tug, the steady sales, downloads. It feels good to know I have some bites, some readers. How many? Well, time will tell. I want more than an orange bucket can hold. I know that.

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toodles, eb

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