Friday, January 4, 2013

Venice is Sinking and Updates

Updates are in order. I recently published Venice is Sinking: A Trio of Short Stories. Odd, somewhat, these stories begged for completion. I can’t explain. It is what it is. I was compelled to write and complete these three thematically connected stories. Collection is hitting top 100 in Best Selling category for short fiction and literary fiction, globally--—big category I’m pleased. The more visibility, the better the chances I will increase my readership. So, now they are done, published. Now, I can devote my full time to the bigger works—The Slow Death of Habeas Corpus and the sequel to The Sins of Dom. The former is almost complete. Yet, I’m not sure where I’m headed. It will be a novella, I know that much. It's taking some interesting twists. Moonie for one. She is an added character--youthful, curious, smart but illiterate, living in the tunnels, she represents youth in a dystopian society. She mysteriously vanishes and then reappears in the West--Sections 1-3, DEF's home base.

I am anxious to return to The Sins of Dom sequel. I did have agent wanting to see sequel, after it was written. But so much time has passed—big agent. I should be working diligently on this…why I’m not? I don’t know. I like the feel of being in charge, regardless of the indie bias. It is what it is.

I republished Blogging to the dead and it is available in both print and kindle.

If you made it this far, thx.

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