Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Five Star Review for The Sins of Dom

The Sins of Dom is faring well, especially in the UK--at 57k ranking. And I was pleasantly surprised by a new 5 star review! The reader referred to my novella as a "super novel" and a "page turner" and even thanked me for writing it. I am always so excited to gain a fan. I work endlessly and sometimes it feels as if it's all for naught, that I'm writing in a vaccuum. So, Thank you reader, fan--whoever should find this blog, read my books, glean some pleasure, wisdom or entertainment from my publications. I have two readers who wished the end didn't happen so soon. Well, part II of the series is on its way! You can find excerpts here.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lightning struck St Peter's dome at the Vatican after Pope Resigns

A sight to behold on the heels of controversy surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign. The hand of God at work, or mere coincidence? Some skeptics say the government is putting on a light show. Hm. Now, that sounds the least credible. I know that Saint Peter's Bascilica is the holiest church for catholics. I was raised a Roman Catholic. Many have turned their backs on the church for various reasons, citing hypocrisy, cover-ups, scandalous happenings. rigidity or lack of progression. But, all in all, I'm sure other religions could score just as high in the department of fallibility.

Nevertheless, popes usually don't resign. They depart when God has called a new pope. So, is Pope Benedict XVI overriding God's will?

I'm left awestruck,humbled, believing it very well could be a mysterious divine power.  I know the Pope worked hard, tirelessly, at promoting global peace and love. He devoted his entire life to his faith, to improving humanity.  We may never know why the bolts of lightening hit the Vatican. But it can't hurt to say a prayer for the Pope and the world. As the great poet W.H.Auden put it "We must love one another or die." And love, the kind of selfless love people of all faith are taught, includes forgiveness.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing is Solitary and Divine

Book updates: Free promo for a couple days has brought some attention to The Sins of Dom. It's #85 or so in both UK and US best seller list for thriller.

I think I could be better at self-promotion. But, I'm not. I am satisfied just to write and publish. Writing is akin to raising children, instructing children--this same kind of feeling--rewarding that way. A job that's well done, a complete and utter feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment. When I don't write for a few days, a story sits there, unattended. And I feel antsy, careless. It calls me back like the child seeking attention. Then when I return to it, I find areas to tweak, enhance, delete. It's a piece of art, fickle and flexible--evolving into itself, taking on a life of its own, outside of me. I don't plan. It just happens. And when it's grown big enough, I send it off, out of the nest.

Writing is always solitary--you sit with your work and words, alone, like the teacher in the classroom, or the stay at home parent. What you say, how you say it, matters enormously. There is no one there to consult, no one to tell you it's right or wrong. You have faith, a divine pulse--a moral conscience to guide you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Okay, well, it is taking longer to rewrite Blue Jackson, so I've officially republished it. For whatever reason, it is a highly visible, and maybe draws an audience to my other works.

Now, for bad reviews. I'm finding that my books are evoking sharp variations in responses. One says "thought provoking" and another says "no depth" for the same work! Shortly after publishing a blog about bad reviews boosting sales, I got my first one star review for They Think That I Am Somewhat. The reviewer referred to it as "profoundly uncomfortable" but then described it as "brilliant" but missing the mark in terms of educating the autistic population in the right way. FWIW, I wrote all my stories at different stages, and I didn't set out to publish a collection.

Athough some might say autism is the overarching theme in my collection, it is not necessarily written to be used as a guide or for research. As a matter of fact, autism is only mentioned in one of the stories. What I do include in all stories are observable traits, a realistic look at what happens when autism is either not diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Nonetheless, there it is a big fat ONE STAR! And it drags my book down to a four star book. I can't say I'm not disapointed. I mean, when you have twenty reviews, a few one-star reviews don't matter as much.

That's that. I'm moving forward, hoping for another 5 star review.

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