Thursday, February 7, 2013


Okay, well, it is taking longer to rewrite Blue Jackson, so I've officially republished it. For whatever reason, it is a highly visible, and maybe draws an audience to my other works.

Now, for bad reviews. I'm finding that my books are evoking sharp variations in responses. One says "thought provoking" and another says "no depth" for the same work! Shortly after publishing a blog about bad reviews boosting sales, I got my first one star review for They Think That I Am Somewhat. The reviewer referred to it as "profoundly uncomfortable" but then described it as "brilliant" but missing the mark in terms of educating the autistic population in the right way. FWIW, I wrote all my stories at different stages, and I didn't set out to publish a collection.

Athough some might say autism is the overarching theme in my collection, it is not necessarily written to be used as a guide or for research. As a matter of fact, autism is only mentioned in one of the stories. What I do include in all stories are observable traits, a realistic look at what happens when autism is either not diagnosed or misdiagnosed.

Nonetheless, there it is a big fat ONE STAR! And it drags my book down to a four star book. I can't say I'm not disapointed. I mean, when you have twenty reviews, a few one-star reviews don't matter as much.

That's that. I'm moving forward, hoping for another 5 star review.

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