Friday, March 22, 2013


Below you can find my WIP, Word of Pia Trilogy II; Here, Pia returns--not physically, yet. She is in her brother's and Maggie's mind, sending William Blake's verses from The Dream --apropos as Maggie feels herself trapped in a foggy dream-like state of mind. Find Part I here.

Once a dream did weave a shade…O’er my angel guarded bed…That an emmet lost its way…Where on grass methought I lay. I hear her. I hear her now. But where is she? I don’t see her. The wind eddied at her feet. The sun, a canary yellow, jettied its last rays outward—spindly fingers groping, grasping.

I am not here. I will come for you soon. I will tell you what I know. Look to the sky an you will see the signs. See the clouds, brother. They speak in words no one knows.

“Here she comes. She says she’s not. But I feel her. She likes to trick."

You know nothing, brother; you are weary, trapped in your small world. The storm is coming. And you must spread the word to others. It is big. It will destroy those who have turned away.

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