Sunday, April 14, 2013

5 Star Review for Autism Denied

Excited to see a five star review for Autism Denied, my new collection of stories which includes Liza Bear from my first collection--They Think That I Am Somewhat. It is always great to see readers enjoying my work. The reviewer referred to it as "Fantastic" and "sad" but recommended for aspies and their families. Nice. Just what I like to read. Other reviewers have referred to my work as "sad" and I decided that I write about life, which is sad. I try to capture it, the pain and sorrow, the troubles, the conflicts and realities of relationships. It is cathartic. The more clarity, the better. If the emotions are apparent in my writing, I'm doing the job.

I am working on my Word of Pia trilogy, part ii and once I'm finished I will return, finally, to The Sins of Dom Novella, Book II. I realize it is long long overdue.

Thanks for the read. Leave a comment, feedback, and I will be sure to reciprocate.

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