Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Happy Endings

2 star review for Autism Denied. What to say. Reviewer liked the connection, stories made her feel as if she wasn't crazy afer all. But she did not like that there was no resolution. What is that? Of course there is none that I can think of. It is a continuous struggle--yes, that's it. I"m sorry. I can't supply a happy ending. Only in fairy tales. My stories are fiction, but they are realistic. I am thankful, nonetheless, for the review--another reader who gleaned some solace, some comfort from my stories.
Read review here.


I am almost ready to release Word of Pia Trilogy part II. I've been going off in many directoins and as it happens I'm not sure where this one will take me. Here is a peek:

Maurice, where are you Maurice. I need you. You’re calling me. I hear you. I need to go, Markel. I need to go home. I need Maurice. I don’t say that. “Will you be okay?”
“I’m always okay,” he says, dazed, trance-like. The cat lopes towards him. I see Markel pull the cat to him. Go now. Get out. I reach for the door handle. A wind whips my hair. Debris flies by. The trees bend, limbs crack. A black shelf forms overhead and I look back again at Markel, walking quickly towards me as if he might try to prevent me from leaving. I freeze. He is holding the cat, but something is different. It’s not the black and white one. It’s an orange one. “Where did you…?” My words trail off. “I need to go, Markel.”
"Pia is here. The storm is coming. The storm is gaining speed.” He points to the sky.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Third 5 Star Review and Thankful to Reader

I just received my THIRD 5 star review for Autism Denied from a UK reader. I'm so thankful that this kind reader gleaned some wisdom and was able to connect with the experiences in the stories. Wonderful. Find review here.

Leave a comment. Please do. Share your own experiences.

One day, mark my words, when one of my best sellers (that I haven't written yet) is viral, I will look back on these lonely blogging days and say how do you like that...dreams do come true.

Thanks for the read!


Mainstreaming No Panacea

My latest publication in the Hartford Courant. Find it here: Mainstreaming No Panacea

Mainstreaming No Panacea (Hartford Courant)

My latest take on mainstreaming kids with special needs in the regular classroom without appropriate support published in the Hartford Courant.

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