Monday, June 3, 2013

Word of Pia: A Psychological Thriller Part II SOON!

Too much time away from my writing. I've been busy. Little by little, I am making progress--up to 70 pages. And it's taking shape, becoming. Free promo for part I will occur in the next few days. Here is another sneak peak of part II soon to be released:

“Oh my children! Do they cry? Do they hear their father sigh? Now they look abroad to see. Now return and weep for me.” Minnie was singing a song Maura had never heard. It sounded like an old poem, or maybe a hymn. It was familiar. She had been singing this for a few days now and Maura ignored it, figured she learned it at preschool or heard it in church. But she didn’t recall
“Please, what is it doll? What is that song you keep singing?”
Minnie looked up from her stirring. She pressed the wood stick up against her forehead, held it there as if she were trying to hide behind it.”
“Darling, stop that. You’ll hurt yourself. Now tell me where you learned that song.”
“Stick Grammy. Stick, please!” she bellowed. Maura had taught her to say please. Maura couldn’t resist her now or ever when she made this particular face— the way her nose scrunched up just like Daddy's when he was the sad or scared; the resemblance was uncanny. Even the freckle under her right eyebrow and Maura saw her son in these moments and then recalled it like yesterday, the breaking news, smells of meatloaf baking, the news reporter’s voice blaring out the speaker of a vintage pink commodore transistor radio: Young officer of Robertson county killed in the line of duty, Cool Spring Road...the Zimmermann property. Gunshot wound to the head looks to be self-inflicted. The details as of yet are unclear. The mug’s weight was enormous. Maura’s legs wobbled over to Minnie—little Minnie on the couch, snuggled into her furry teddy bear blanket, waiting for Daddy, pink horses galloping across the screen with songs and merry children smiling and laughing. It was all over. Maura knew it was gone, that any semblance of the old life was no more for Minnie or for herself. First, she loses a mother and now...Maura couldn’t consider it. She knew like a mother knows. When the phone rang she rushed into the kitchen to retrieve it, put the cup down but missed the counter and it crashed to the ground. Minnie crawled over to her “Boo boo, Grammy?”

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